Welcome aboard After Hours-Private sunset cruise in Key West

Experience Romance-The Key West Way


As The Sun Paints The Sky


And Peace Surrounds You.


We're a great value!

We’re a private yacht charter but that doesn’t mean we’re not affordable. Bring up to 6 guests along and your private cruise will only be about $200/person. When you compare that with paying around $100 for the crowded big boat trips, you will find that it’s well worth the difference to create a magical experience.

Welcome aboard After Hours- private sunset cruise in Key West

Key West sunsets are legendary. But, imagine a private sunset cruise during your visit to Key West.

Come with us to drink in mother nature's dazzling light show. Settle in as you and your special guest leave the shore (and your cares) behind and head to sea with a captain and crew who are focused on making this incredible sunset an experience to remember.

Remember romance? It's hard to find in the daily grind. But here. Here, it's just the two of you with the gentle rocking of your private sunset cruise in Key West, only shared by the setting sun and maybe a few pelicans and gulls. 

This is real. This is what matters.

Whether it's a cruise for two or for a family or group, sunset cruises on After Hours will change you. Sharing an experience like this brings people closer together. 

And that makes this vacation last forever. After hours in Key West are simply better on After Hours.


Complementary hors d’oeuvres and beverages

Optional catering

3 Hour Sunset Cruise

Up to 6 guests

Underwater lighting

Dock at Schooner Wharf

Cash or credit card

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