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Boating is a way of life in southern Florida. When you’re visiting on vacation, you can elevate your experience by spending time on the water. At After Hours, we provide a selection of boat tours with private boat charters in Key West to give you the boating experience you need to enjoy true vacation bliss during your time in the Keys. Whether you’ve been searching for the best sunset cruise or want to take a day trip to enjoy fun in the sun with the opportunity to see dolphins and other marine life, we have the options you need for the ultimate experience.

Enjoy Our Specially Designed Boat Tours

Whether you’re interested in a sunset cruise to enjoy the tranquility of a beautiful sunset in the Keys or want to take a day trip that introduces you to local wildlife while you take in the sights from a unique perspective, our boat tours will give you the ultimate experience. Our experienced captains know the best places to take you to walk on pristine private beaches, swim in crystal clear waters, or even snorkel with sea turtles. We work hard to give you and your group the most amazing experience possible. We even include customized catering while you’re onboard with us.

Get a Private Boating Experience

When you book a private yacht charter with us, we will pamper you with the best experience you could dream of. We’ll help you leave the real world and the crowds behind, so you feel like you’re the only person on the planet. A private boat charter is ideal for heading out for some solitude or sharing an intimate experience with that special someone, your family, or a close group of friends. We customize each experience based on your preferences, so you’ll have the time of your life!

If you’re looking to make your Key West vacation extraordinary, we have the solution. After Hours is a private yacht charter that can take you and your guests to vacation bliss.

Why Choose After Hours?

Key West Yacht Charter on After Hours


Welcome aboard After Hours

You work hard. Your vacation days are precious. Why spend them in a crowd?

If you’re looking to make your Key West vacation extraordinary, we have the solution. After Hours is a private yacht charter that can take you and your guests to vacation bliss.

Your perfect day in paradise is custom-made to give you the pampering you need. This is your chance to break away from the masses and go beyond the ordinary.

On A Private Yacht

You left your hectic life behind to take a vacation. Why spend it in a crowd? Let us pamper you with a day, evening, or extended cruise in private luxury. Onboard After Hours, you’ll enjoy food and drink tailored to your tastes as you leave the real world (and its crowds) behind.


With Your Special Guests

Imagine hosting your closest friends and family for an amazing outing that they’ll remember for years. Or show your important clients or colleagues how much they are valued with a one-of-a-kind experience. Or even pop the question in a way that almost guarantees a “YES!” with a romantic proposal trip. Life’s big moments deserve special treatment. 

Your Trip, Your Way

Sunset Cruise


Key West sunsets are legendary. But, imagine a private sunset cruise during your visit to Key West. Sunsets are one of the most romantic experiences in Key West. Get away from the crowds and make it special on your own private charter.

Day Trips


You’ll never forget your After Hours day trip in Key West, FL. Cruise to a secluded island with crystal clear waters. We can be your escape to adventures based on what you want. Walk on a secluded beach? We know the best ones. Snorkle with sea turtles? Let us introduce you.

Key West Events

After Hours Charter

There’s always a festival or holiday being celebrated in Key West. What better way to participate than aboard After Hours private yacht charter. Sunset cruises or day trips, you’ll never forget this private yacht charter in Key West.